There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of slot machines out there, spread out across thousands of online gambling destinations. But none of them is as famous as Mega Moolah, a progressive jackpot video slot you can find at the Red Flush Casino. Until last October, the slot machine was just another slot machine, like many others.But then the unexpected happened: it paid out a jackpot that has later been confirmed to be a world record. Which made it perhaps the best known, most played progressive slot at the Red Flush Casino, as well as a host of other casinos. To find out more about it, visit



Mega Moolah is a five reel, three-row video slot machine with 25 win lines. Players can place bets of up to five coins – of different denominations – on each of its win lines, which makes its maximum bet worth 125 coins. The game’s reels are filled with African cartoon animals, smiling reassuringly on the player.


If you’re not into African animals, you can choose several other casino online games with the same mechanic and a different theme: Mega Moolah Isis (inspired by Egypt), Mega Moolah Summertime, Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive and The Dark Knight, based on Christopher Nolan’s movie with the same title.



Mega Moolah has not one, but four progressive jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. As you might expect, the Mega jackpot is the largest of them all, paying out millions in US dollars, euros or UK pounds, whichever currency you might be playing with. If it’s won, the Mega jackpot resets to its base value, $/€/£ 1 million, from where it can grow to fabulous heights.


The largest ever amount won on Mega Moolah was £13.2 million last October. But other major wins have been recorded over the years. This April a lucky player won €6.9 million on it, and last April it paid out over $7.5 million to a Canadian player.



As all video slot machines, Mega Moolah also comes with a Wild and a Scatter symbol. You might expect for the Scatter to trigger the jackpot game, but it does not – the jackpot feature is randomly triggered. When it happens, the player is taken to a Wheel of Fortune type side game, where – isn’t it obvious – a wheel must be turned. It has 20 objects – and one of them is the game’s Mega jackpot. If the wheel stops there, the player becomes an instant millionaire.



Aside from the five Mega Jackpot games I mentioned above, the Red Flush Casino has several other progressive slots. Among them, Major Millions, known for its frequent jackpot payouts, King Cashalot, a slot machine inspired by the legend of the Round Table, Treasure Nile, Cash Splash, Fruit Fiesta, and various other game types with progressive jackpots.…

Ukraine Rushes to Legalize Cryptocurrencies | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin




The renewed interest in cryptocurrency is being sparked by the election of a new Kiev administration under Volodymyr Zelensky, the young president. The new administration in Kiev, headed by Volodymyr Zelensky, has rekindled interest in cryptocurrencies. The new laws are being prepared or have already been submitted to the legislature in order to support the emerging industry. This will allow the Ukrainian government to increase its budget revenues.


The Crypto Industry is Under Pressure


Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation intends to legalize cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash (BCH), and bitcoin core(BTC). Local media reported that Mikhail Fedorov (the current head) took the initiative to do this. He was cited as quoting Alexander Bornyakov (an IT entrepreneur). The ministry is already working to draft a new bill and amend the country’s tax code. Check out more about Charity Coin




Ukraine Rushes to Legalize Cryptocurrencies.


Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine


Bornyakov said that although cryptocurrency in Ukraine is not illegal per se, it doesn’t have any formal status. The legalization of cryptocurrency in Ukraine is essential to protect the businesses that deal with them from police searches, stated Bornyakov, a 37-year old entrepreneur from Odessa. President Zelensky, who was a comedian and producer on TV, will appoint Maxim Kutsiy (36-year-old crypto billionaire) as governor of the state.


After the last presidential election, and subsequent parliamentary elections in Kiev, the new generation took over power in Kiev. This left Ukraine facing numerous problems. These include a falling hryvnia as well as unresolved conflicts in the East. Allowing the promising cryptocurrency industry to thrive will undoubtedly result in increased budget receipts. Bornyakov, along with his colleagues, believes it’s high time for these companies get out of the gray sector.


Plans to legalize mining and create a crypto-valley


The efforts to provide regulatory certainty for the cryptocurrency industry are being supported by people from all walks of Ukrainian society. Representatives from the Ministry of Digital Transformation (Verkhovna Rada), Ukraine’s parliament, the non-government Better Regulation Delivery Office, (BRDO), and business organizations met recently to discuss a specific program. “Blockchain4Ukraine”, a parliamentary group, organized the meeting. It unites legislators from different political parties.


The document lists the steps that both the government as well as the private sector must take in order to achieve the stated goal. These include legalizing crypto assets, attracting international exchanges to Ukraine and creating the legal terminology necessary to regulate the sector. This strategy includes the adoption of amendments to the “On Public Ledgers” law, implementing FATF standards for money laundering and the integration of blockchain technology into government registries.


Ukraine Rushes to Legalize Cryptocurrencies.


Meeting organized and hosted by the “Blockchain4Ukraine” parliamentary group.


The National Bank of Ukraine’s new management supported these efforts. Forklog reported Mikhail Vidyakin as acting director of central bank’s Reform Strategy Department. He suggested that the legislation needed to regulate crypto industry should be adopted within the shortest time possible. He stated that authorities must have the “courage” to act within six to nine months of the approval of the new policy and pointed out that Malta’s experience shows that it is possible.


Blockchain Ukraine proposes another law to create a crypto valley in Eastern Europe. Because they have millions of users, a number of local companies, such ex-exchanges Kuna and Exmo can be its core. The popularity of cryptocurrency in Ukraine is expected to continue to rise even before that happens. One third of respondents to an internet-savvy survey in Ukraine last year admitted that they had digital coins.…

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Celebrity Apprentice 2 Togel Winner Is…
 is here with your Celebrity Apprentice 2 live updates.  The show is three hours and we will have the winner once known.  This is Jenny Woo reporting.  Remember to check out my Twitter Page and start following Moi and


As most of you know, the Sunday finale featured poker player and spokesperson for premiere sponsor, Annie Duke, who I have had the pleasure of interviewing on a few occasions.   She was going up against comedian Joan Rivers.


The live finale featured prefilmed tasks with the two women going up against each other.  Both absolutely HATE each other with a CAPITAL “H”.  In fact, speaking of “H”, Joan Rivers has even called Annie Duke “Hitler” and she has referred to all poker players as “White Trash”.


The show began with the two Togel women selecting their team members from 6 pre chosen past Celebrity Apprentice contestants.  Joan’s strategy was to pick her daughter last, knowing that Annie would not select her.  She chose Hershel Walker first, followed by Clint Black, then her daughter, Melissa.  Annie chose Brande Roderick followed by Dennis Rodman then Tom Green.


Dennis delivered quite the surprise early on through his $20,000 total donation from both the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons, two teams he has played for.  Meanwhile, it appeared that Clint Black was disinterested in helping his team early on.


The teams had to sell tickets to Circus Soleil.  Hershel came up with the bright idea to have one of his friends buy all the tickets then the team gave them away for free.  Meanwhile, Joan worked on getting as many celebrities to take part in a silent auction.  She was not thrilled with the event planner, who she called “very unimaginative”.


Oh boy, promo of upcoming two hours has Annie saying she is “going to crush Joan”.  Something happens.  Can’t wait!  Joan has just called someone to come help her with the party planning because the person that is supposed to be doing it is a complete disaster.


The designer for Annie’s team was offended by Joan Rivers at one point that he wanted nothing to do with Celebrity Apprentice lol.  Meanwhile, Joan’s party planner quit.  Both teams are desperate.


Okay so Annie managed to find some folks to take over where the party planners left over.  Dennis and Tom sold all the Circus Soleil tickets.  Joan got all the folks from her charity to come help set up the event.  Smart idea.  This is getting good.


Joan found someone who manages celebrity impersonators but the person’s mom had just passed away.   Oh my God, Joan started laughing about the bereavement and asked the guy to come help her out and the guy was more than happy to.


Tom Green and Annie are going at it.  Annie said he does not listen.  Tom said “I am getting yelled at by a poker player”.  He referred to her as condescending.


Oh no, Clint had a set up on the table with every frame a picture of him.  Joan made the comment that if Clint went to a pickup bar he’d pick up himself because of his enormous ego.


Oh Annie, I love ya…but wouldn’t want to work for ya LOL.  She is BOSSSSSY with a capital “B” and speaking of “B” words…lol….  Well, Joan can’t be too easy to work for either.  And I thought my boss was bad.  Going to pray and thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful boss.


Un oh…time for the boardroom.  Dennis said it was Annie’s time to shine and he said she did and was a very good leader. Awww…I love Dennis.  He is so cool to hang with and used to protect his little Jenny down here in Miami Beach.  Love the guy!


Joan and Annie get into a fight in the boardroom OMG.


Joan implied poker players are “Mafia people” lol.


Over $150,000 raised by Joan’s team.  Annie’s team raised over $200,000.


Dennis Rodman lashing out at Jessie James live and he cursed so thankfully this was on time delay.  They were going off about Dennis’ substance abuse.  Melissa was asked if she embarassed herself with the meltdown after her firing and she said “No”.  Brande said she and her friends call each other “Whore Pit Vipers” now.


Joan Rivers and Annie Duke are now in the live board room waiting to hear the verdict as to who gets fired.


Dennis would have hired Joan and Scott Hamill felt Joan’s stamina at her age should result in her hiring.


The results are coming up shortly.


Annie was playing for Refugees International


Joan was playing for God’s Love We Deliver


Both amazing charities…




Avengers Movie still shotWith big name movies like Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World heading to theaters in the next few weeks, as well as the Age of Ultron currently flying off the shelves at local comic book shops, 2013 looks to be a big year for Marvel Comics. Indeed, fans of the comics on which these films, and popular online casino games like The Incredible Hulk slots and X-Men Scratch, are based will find plenty to be excited about in the upcoming year. At the recent Emerald City Comic Convention held in Seattle, Washington, the company laid out some of its plans for 2013, and it looks like your favorite heroes and villains have big things on the horizon. So too, there are many upcoming Marvel slots in the pipeline for the coming year.


Marvel Comics Success On an Intergalactic Scale

With the enormous success of 2012′s Marvel’s The Avengers, it should be no surprise that the company’s marquis team is looking to be everywhere in 2013. Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers title has already made waves with its expanded roster, which features fan favorite characters like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor fighting alongside popular first time avengers like Cannonball, Sunspot, and Hyperion, who come from the X-Men and Squadron Supreme families of comics, respectively. This expanded lineup comes in response to larger scale threats, as the Avengers face off against entities powerful enough to affect the entire galaxy, including the villainous Thanos, who is hinted to serve as the primary antagonist in the next Avengers film.


This new focus on the cosmic scope of the Marvel Universe will also be led by the relaunch of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The series, which will be the next of Marvel’s original properties to hit the cinema in 2014, follows a group of space warriors as they protect the galaxy from those who would do it harm. The team of Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, and Groot will also be joined by the Invincible Iron Man, who will don new armor (similar to that glimpsed in the previews for Iron Man 3) and head into space with these space-age superheroes.


Also heading to space is the human rocket Nova, who will scour the universe in his own live blackjack online series in 2013. Fifteen-year-old Sam Alexander is the latest member of the Nova Corps, an intergalactic police force that gifts its members with super speed, strength and energy blasts, and will be facing off against villains from Earth and beyond.


There’s Mutant Mayhem On the Horizon

Fans of X-Men slots may be waiting with bated breath for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film, but Marvel’s favorite mutants will be quite busy in the meantime. The flagship Uncanny X-Men title will follow team leader Cyclops’ outlaw band of revolutionaries as they attempt to liberate the mutant race from global oppression. As a counterpoint to the often dark and serious take of the series, Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men will follow the staff of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning as they teach the next generation of mutant heroes how to deal with the often crazy life of a Marvel mutant.


Combining the best elements of the two is Brain Michael Bendis’ All New X-Men, which sees the original five team members transplanted into the modern day. Rife with humor yet still rich with drama, the series looks to be a breakout among X-Men fans, who have been longing for the return of Jean Grey for years. Also straddling the line between all-out action and comedy is Uncanny X-Force, where the foul-mouthed Psylocke and fan-favorite Storm chase after the rouge X-Man Bishop with a ragtag group of X-men who have never teamed up before.


Get Ready to Experience Solo Books Galore

Though team books like the Avengers and X-Men are typically the most popular titles at the comic shop, several solo titles are looking to make a splash in the coming months. The Avengers’ resident archer, Hawkeye, will continue his incredibly popular adventures under the pen of David Aja, who promises more action, more of the Tracksuits and more of Pizza Dog.


Elsewhere, Marvel’s “Merc with a Mouth”, Deadpool, will finish its current story arc with issue 6 before sending our hero back in time to the 1980s. Here, he will team up with an alcoholic Tony Stark in what writer Gerry Duggan claims could have lasting ramifications to be felt throughout the Marvel Universe.


Fans of Daredevil slots will be happy to hear that the “Man Without Fear” will finally face off against the mysterious villain who has been pulling his strings for the past several months. Daredevil will also team up with the newly rechristened Indestructible Hulk, who will soon be written by superstar scribe Walt Simonson.…