Saddle Up slot hoki


You know the sound, right? There’s a near-defeaning roar of a jet engine, a squeal as the rubber tires hit the runway, and a long drone as the plane comes to a stop. The cabin titters. The doors open. And then there’s a lot of clanging from the slot machines in the terminal.

In about 36 hours, the first blogger wheels will touch slot hoki down in Vegas for a five day extravaganza of hammer-dropping and Guinness-slurping.

But, what’s that? We’re not the only convention in town?

Cowboy-Hat.gifThat’s right, folks. The National Finals Rodeo will be in its final days.

Because we all want to fit in, I’ll offer up the cheat-sheet I’m taking with me.


1) Cowboys love it when you speak their language. With that in mind, be sure to include as many cowboy lingo phrases in your table-talk as you can. Be sure to call your cowboy opponent “Dude” as often as you can.

2) Cowboys like movies as much as anybody else. So, indulge them in a talk of the finest cowboy films. Make yourself even more likable by quoting their favorite lines. Be sure to repeat the following line as often as possible: “Excuse me while I whip this out.”

3) Memorize every one of Byron “Cowboy” Wolford’s stories and tell them as your own.

4) When heads-up with a cowboy, pause before you push all-in, and say, “Listen, Pard, wouldn’t you rather settle this with a game of real cowboy poker?”

5) Employ the folowing phrase at every opportunity: “You ride bulls? Well, shoot, Pard, I drink Red Bull. We could be bull brothers!”

6) Every time you sit down with a cowboy, make the first words out of your mouth, “I’m a fast talking, hell raising, son of a bitch. I’m a sinner and I know how to fight.” When he looks at you funny, say, “Oh, that’s ALT-country. You probably wouldn’t understand.”

7) Engage every cowboy you find in a conversation about how they get their rodeo animals to buck. Pretend you don’t understand and ask them to demonstrate on the dealer.

8) Find your PETA hat from your activist days and wear it everywhere you go.

9) When sitting at a cramped table, whisper to the cowboy next to you, “You know. I’m from Texas. You know what they say about Texas. You know, steers and queers? Well, buddy, I seem to have misplaced my horns.”

10) Every time a cowboy bets into you–every freakin’ time–you must say, “All hat, no cattle.”

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December 7, 2004

Sorry, South Carolina

by Otis

Allow me to offer a whole-hearted, “Well, sonofabitch” to this story that’s about to come out of South Carolina news outlets.

Rather than clog the fun of Vegas anticipation here, I’ve written up a brief summary over at my news blog, The Poker Papers.…

Chicago tightens restrictions on workout class sizes, even as gyms say members aren’t rushing back

Gym-goers have been cautiously but steadily returning to health clubs and fitness studios in the 3 1/4 u00bd weeks since those businesses were allowed to let members back in for more than personal training.

But gym operators worry a new 10-person cap on the size of indoor fitness classes, which takes effect Friday, will hamper their efforts to rebuild business after the coronavirus pandemic forced them to close temporarily. More stringent rules for bars that also take effect Friday have prompted some to call it quits for good.

Some fitness clubs and studios were surprised by the more stringent regulations. They’ve already taken precautions like temperature checks and more aggressive cleaning, and in Chicago, members must wear masks during exercise in addition to practicing social distancing. To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here

“We definitely didn’t think we’d be the subject of being pulled back given all the vigilant measures we’re taking,” said David Blitz, CEO of Chicago-based Studio Three.

In Chicago, workout facilities were capped at 25% of their capacity, and classes had to be small enough to allow for social distancing, with no more than 50 participants. Many businesses made investments to abide by the rules and enlisted members to help, passing out bottles of hand sanitizer or disinfectant at the door.

Chicago Public Health Department Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said the city focused on group classes because they involve a higher risk than other activities, especially now that the uptick in COVID-19 cases increases the chances a participant might have the virus.

“It’s about trying to take a more surgical approach, and limiting that without totally closing things,” she said.

How big a setback the new class size limit poses depends on the type of gym.

For Orangetheory Fitness, 10-person classes simply aren’t sustainable, said Brad Ehrlich, CEO of Orangetheory Fitness in Illinois. Studios were designed to accommodate 24 to 40 people, depending on the location. Even allowing for social distancing, they could accommodate 18 to 21.

Story continues

Ehrlich said he hasn’t decided whether the new limits could force him to shut down studios that reopened about a month ago.

“Unless this changes, you’re going to start to see fitness deserts in the city of Chicago,” he said.

Larger fitness clubs that offer more ways to work out than group classes are getting by but say they too have to consider more drastic actions.

Daily visits to East Bank Club are down about 70%, and the club may have to lay off some of its more than 600 employees. It’s never had to resort to such measures in its 40-year history, said Mel Kleist, president and executive director.

“We kind of got looped in with the bar and restaurant scene, but we’re not busy,” said Kleist, who estimated the club has been getting about 30% of its usual daily traffic.

At Studio Three, which reopened July 1, classes have been drawing only about 10 to 12 people. The studios could accommodate as many as 27 people even with social distancing requirements, so the “slow but steady” growth Studio Three had been seeing would be curtailed, Blitz said.

A new outdoor workout space will provide extra capacity for as long as weather permits, he said.

Some people have been eagerly returning, especially when it comes to activities tougher to do at home, like strength training or swimming. But others are still wary of venturing back to shared workout spaces, especially if they invested in home exercise equipment while their gym was closed, or are struggling with new financial pressure.

Gale Landers, founder and CEO of Fitness Formula Clubs, with 11 Chicago-area locations, was “pretty pleased” to see traffic at some clubs approaching about half the level they had at this time last year. Locations near offices have been quieter, since many people are working from home.

Landers estimated about 10% of clients have dropped their memberships during the pandemic, though that is roughly in line with the turnover clubs typically see, he said. Meanwhile, new membership sales have been strong since clubs reopened. The number of memberships on pause varies by location, but the “vast majority” of members have resumed paying for access to the clubs, he said.

The city hasn’t seen clusters of cases in Chicago fitness clubs but is aware of the potential for spread, said Arwady, who pointed to a situation in South Korea where 112 COVID-19 cases were linked to fitness dance classes at 12 studios. A separate study in Norway suggested gym-goers were not at greater risk of infection in places where COVID-19 case numbers are low, she said.

That’s why the city wants to respond quickly to increases in case numbers and try to head off the need to reimpose broader restrictions, especially later in the year, when people may have a harder time working out or dining outdoors, she said.

“It’s the moment now to get this as under control as we can,” she said.


Schildy1984 wins keluaran hk WCOOP Event 28


This year’s World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing at keluaran hk , with players from around the globe competing for awesome prize pools in exciting tournaments. We’re fast-approaching the halfway mark of the series, so a huge amount of cash has already been won but, more importantly, there’s also a lot of it up for grabs. Event 28 wrapped up earlier this week, and the lucky winner to walk away with the number one spot was Schildy1984 of Austria, who received $206,280 for a job well done.

The World Championship of Online Poker is pretty much exactly what the name suggests. It can be seen as the internet’s answer to the World Series of Poker, and the PokerStars hosted series is by far and away the largest such online series around. This 2011 series boasts a massive combined guaranteed prize pool of $30,000,000, which is much larger than many were expecting given the withdrawal of PokerStars from the US market. The combined prize pool is spread over 62 events this year, which offer a great variety so players of any game should be able to find a tournament they’ll love.

Event 28 was one of the more standard formats, a simple No Limit Holdem tournament with no surprises. The buy-in was respectable at $1,000, and 1146 players decided to register and take their shot at the money. This many contestants lead to an almost doubling of the prizepool from its guaranteed $600,000 to the final figure of $1,146,000, to be divided among the top 135 players, with the winner allocated over $200,000. The event dragged on over two days before finally finishing less than an hour into September 15th.

After nearly two days of grueling button clicking and close decisions, the tournament got down to just three entrants, two players from Austria and one from neighboring Australia. The Australian player, delaney_kid, was Schildy1984′s first casualty, and was sent to the rail in third place. This gave Schildy1984 a slightly more than 3:2 chip lead against fellow countryman TheFan83 as Heads Up play commenced. While the chip edge was small, it was more than enough for Schildy who dispensed his opponent within a dozen hands when his flopped overpair turned a set to beat TheFan83′s two pair when the money went all-in on the river. Runner-up TheFan83 received just under $150,000 for his efforts, and the winner on the day Schildy1984 walked away with the pride, the title, and $206,280.00 in tournament winnings.

Final Table Results are as follows:

1 – Schlidy1984 (Austria) $206,280.00

2 – TheFan83 (Austria) $147,031.80

3 – delaney_kid (Australia) $110,016.00

4 – d-mon-d (Norway) $82,512.00

5 – djibh (Canada) $57,300.00

6 – touchmynuts1 (Ukraine) $45,840.00

7 – lindeyloo22 (Canada) $34,380.00

8 – anguila (Spain) $22,920.00

9 – hithenose (Spain) $13,752.00…

WCOOP Event #7: Report


The 7th WCOOP Event was the first of two Limit Hold’em events of the series. Although it featured only an $100,000 guaranteed prize pool, by the time the tournament began the prize pool was four times that amount, a whopping $400,000! The field featured one of the strongest hold’em players out there, lilholdem954, who is the #1 ranked online tournament player on While lilholdem had a strong showing, he fell short of the eventual winner was Cardinal7 who took home just over $60,000.


It took 12 hours to reach the final nine players. Unfortunately for the hopeful amateurs, two strong pro’s still remained, lilholdem and 011180. Here were the chip counts.


Seat 1: TheMasterJ33 (1136618 in chips)

Seat 2: 011180 (253219 in chips)

Seat 3: Itchy (956871 in chips)

Seat 4: Cardinal7 (673710 in chips)

Seat 5: cfinnn (704680 in chips)

Seat 6: superbrono (545844 in chips)

Seat 7: PapaPapsilon (475999 in chips)

Seat 8: Nirvana76 (398160 in chips)

Seat 9: lilholdem954 (1031899 in chips)


Lilholdem was clearly the most dangerous player at the table. With over a million chips, it looked like the famed pro may pull out his first bracelet. On the other hand, while 011180 was one of the more skilled players at the table, he was also the shortest stack.


However, Nirvana76 was the first to go out. He eventually got all in on a K high flop with KJ against Cardinal7’s pocket queens. Unfortunately, a queen came on the turn, leaving Nirvana drawing dead and out in 9th place. bitcoin dice  day was almost done as well. After giving most of his chips away on a tough hand, he found himself all in with a pair of aces versus a pair of aces with a weaker kicker. However, his opponent also had a flush draw, which spiked on the river leaving Lil in 5th place for nearly $20,000.


With two professionals out of the way, the road was paved for amateur Cardinal7 to take his first WCOOP bracelet. Him and TheMasterJ33 chopped when it came down to heads up, but Cardinal defeated the once chip leader, scoring $67,933.49. Congratulations to Cardinal7! Here were the payouts.


1 Cardinal7 United States $67,933.49


2 TheMasterJ33 United States $53,629.87


3 PapaPapsilon Germany $28,990.72


4 superbrono Slovenia $23,472.60


5 lilholdem954 United States $18,407.46


6 Itchy United States $13,877.66


7 011180 United States $9,759.66


8 cfinnn Canada $6,053.46


9 Nirvana76 Netherlands $3,623.84…