Chicago tightens restrictions on workout class sizes, even as gyms say members aren’t rushing back

Gym-goers have been cautiously but steadily returning to health clubs and fitness studios in the 3 1/4 u00bd weeks since those businesses were allowed to let members back in for more than personal training.

But gym operators worry a new 10-person cap on the size of indoor fitness classes, which takes effect Friday, will hamper their efforts to rebuild business after the coronavirus pandemic forced them to close temporarily. More stringent rules for bars that also take effect Friday have prompted some to call it quits for good.

Some fitness clubs and studios were surprised by the more stringent regulations. They’ve already taken precautions like temperature checks and more aggressive cleaning, and in Chicago, members must wear masks during exercise in addition to practicing social distancing. To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here

“We definitely didn’t think we’d be the subject of being pulled back given all the vigilant measures we’re taking,” said David Blitz, CEO of Chicago-based Studio Three.

In Chicago, workout facilities were capped at 25% of their capacity, and classes had to be small enough to allow for social distancing, with no more than 50 participants. Many businesses made investments to abide by the rules and enlisted members to help, passing out bottles of hand sanitizer or disinfectant at the door.

Chicago Public Health Department Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said the city focused on group classes because they involve a higher risk than other activities, especially now that the uptick in COVID-19 cases increases the chances a participant might have the virus.

“It’s about trying to take a more surgical approach, and limiting that without totally closing things,” she said.

How big a setback the new class size limit poses depends on the type of gym.

For Orangetheory Fitness, 10-person classes simply aren’t sustainable, said Brad Ehrlich, CEO of Orangetheory Fitness in Illinois. Studios were designed to accommodate 24 to 40 people, depending on the location. Even allowing for social distancing, they could accommodate 18 to 21.

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Ehrlich said he hasn’t decided whether the new limits could force him to shut down studios that reopened about a month ago.

“Unless this changes, you’re going to start to see fitness deserts in the city of Chicago,” he said.

Larger fitness clubs that offer more ways to work out than group classes are getting by but say they too have to consider more drastic actions.

Daily visits to East Bank Club are down about 70%, and the club may have to lay off some of its more than 600 employees. It’s never had to resort to such measures in its 40-year history, said Mel Kleist, president and executive director.

“We kind of got looped in with the bar and restaurant scene, but we’re not busy,” said Kleist, who estimated the club has been getting about 30% of its usual daily traffic.

At Studio Three, which reopened July 1, classes have been drawing only about 10 to 12 people. The studios could accommodate as many as 27 people even with social distancing requirements, so the “slow but steady” growth Studio Three had been seeing would be curtailed, Blitz said.

A new outdoor workout space will provide extra capacity for as long as weather permits, he said.

Some people have been eagerly returning, especially when it comes to activities tougher to do at home, like strength training or swimming. But others are still wary of venturing back to shared workout spaces, especially if they invested in home exercise equipment while their gym was closed, or are struggling with new financial pressure.

Gale Landers, founder and CEO of Fitness Formula Clubs, with 11 Chicago-area locations, was “pretty pleased” to see traffic at some clubs approaching about half the level they had at this time last year. Locations near offices have been quieter, since many people are working from home.

Landers estimated about 10% of clients have dropped their memberships during the pandemic, though that is roughly in line with the turnover clubs typically see, he said. Meanwhile, new membership sales have been strong since clubs reopened. The number of memberships on pause varies by location, but the “vast majority” of members have resumed paying for access to the clubs, he said.

The city hasn’t seen clusters of cases in Chicago fitness clubs but is aware of the potential for spread, said Arwady, who pointed to a situation in South Korea where 112 COVID-19 cases were linked to fitness dance classes at 12 studios. A separate study in Norway suggested gym-goers were not at greater risk of infection in places where COVID-19 case numbers are low, she said.

That’s why the city wants to respond quickly to increases in case numbers and try to head off the need to reimpose broader restrictions, especially later in the year, when people may have a harder time working out or dining outdoors, she said.

“It’s the moment now to get this as under control as we can,” she said.


Poland to introduce regulations to online togel  gambling laws

The Polish Government is planning to introduce regulations to its online gambling laws, similar to those in Italy, as reported in the togel  Voice.


“National regulations that prohibit the acceptance of bets unless one has a license issued by the relevant member state restrict the freedom of services,” said the court in substantiating its decision.


The court ruled that an operator who holds a license issued in one EU member state has the right to provide similar services throughout the European Union.


The court’s ruling concerns three bookmakers who had accepted bets in Italy on behalf of British-based firm Stanley International Betting (SIB). SIB had no license to conduct bookmaking business in Italy.


In Poland, a dozen or so foreign online bookmakers operate without any regulations. The finance ministry is working to amend the gambling law.


WTO rules US online gambling ban is illegal


The World Trade Organization (WTO) last week released its ruling in regard to the United States government’s “ban on online gambling” and determined it is illegal.


Antigua successfully argued in its complaint that the U.S. protects a domestic gambling industry while failing to live up to its international commitments.


The WTO said the US could only continue to block such overseas websites if its laws were equally applied to US firms that offer off-track betting on horse racing.


The US government argued it simply wants to limit gambling, however, overseas companies claim the US move is simply protectionism and means to remove foreign competition.


The full WTO ruling can be found on the WTO website.


Founder of Betonsports arrested


On Wednesday 28th March, the founder of London-based gaming website Betonsports, Stephen Kaplan was arrested in the Dominican Republic and sent to the US to answer criminal charges, US officials have said.


In June, Mr. Kaplan was one of 11 people indicted on charges of racketeering, fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy.


Betonsports closed down its US operations in August 2006. The US had been the group’s biggest market, delivering around 95% of its profits.


Following his arrest at a hotel in Santo Domingo, Mr. Kaplan was sent by Dominican authorities to Puerto Rico for an initial appearance before a US magistrate.


Authorities have asked that Mr. Kaplan be moved to St Louis immediately or be held in custody pending a hearing to remove him to St Louis, to answer the charges against him.


Mr. Kaplan is the second person to be arrested in the investigation against Betonsports.


In July last year the company’s then chief executive David Carruthers was detained while changing planes in the US.


He was later sacked by the company, which subsequently decided to shut down its US business. He has been held under house arrest in St Louis since August.


This latest arrest comes as the World Trade Organisation ruled against America’s online gaming ban.




toto hk Tips

Words of gambling wisdom, compliments of the Hog


If you’ve found this page, then you’re obviously looking for something profound. You’re not looking for simple blackjack rules, because you’ve played before. Perhaps you’ve played a ton of toto hk , but always seem to come out on the losing end. The following list of blackjack tips is derived from many hours of relishing that wonderful ace and face (or ten) combination we like to call a blackjack.


Tip #1: Learn the blackjack basic strategy


Tip #2: Always split a pair of aces or a pair of eights. If you’ve learned the basic strategy, this should not be an issue.


Tip #3: Never get drunk while playing blackjack. Getting buzzed is OK, unless you’re a light-weight, but getting drunk can cause your stack of chips to disappear in a hurry. Plus, the Hog doesn’t have enough hooves to count the number of times he’s been kicked out of a casino for “showing signs of intoxication.” This won’t happen in Vegas, but it will at the riverboats.


Tip #4: If you’re playing online blackjack, make sure and find a casino where the dealer automatically flips over a blackjack if he has one. Otherwise, you could double down, hit 21, and lose twice as much to the dealer’s blackjack.


Tip #5: Start with a bankroll at least 20 times the table minimum. In other words, don’t play a $25 minimum with only a hundie to start with. More often than not, you’ll lose a lot in a short period of time. 4 chips simply isn’t enough to sustain short-term losses.


Tip #6: Unless you’re a professional, don’t try to count cards. First of all, it doesn’t work online. Second, even the simplest card counting strategies require a high degree of concentration. The detriment you suffer from screwing up will undoubtedly overshadow the benefit you gain from not screwing it up.


Tip #7: Tip your dealers and waitresses. If you’re playing online, tip your wife, your girlfriend, or your dog — whoever is supplying you with food and drinks.


Tip #8: When you’re doing well, stuff extra chips in your pocket and NEVER dig them out until it’s time to cash in. The Hog’s most profitable and enjoyable blackjack experieneces have been when he must dig deep into his pockets at the end of the night. High rollers might think you’re a puss for usuing this strategy, but at least you’ll be a rich puss.


Tip #9: If others are groaning at the table because of a hit you took, then you probably shouldn’t have taken that hit. Try hitting a 13 with a dealer’s 6 showing, and you’ll see this for yourself.


Tip #10: If you’re playing online blackjack for the first time, grab a good casino bonus to get you started.



Review of Poker Tournament Strategies

Sylvester Suzuki is the mysterious pen name of the author of this latest offering from gambling book publishing house Two Plus Two Publishing. Poker Tournament Strategies fills a gap in their publishing line, and a gap in the literature in general, by discussing strategies applicable to poker tournaments, with a special emphasis on those with lower entry costs.

This book divides the tournament types that one is likely to encounter into five categories, and devotes a section to each of them. They are: Progressive Stack Rebuy Tournaments, No Rebuy Tournaments, Constant Stack Rebuy Tournaments, Sudden Sayonara Tournaments, and Shootout Tournaments. The first three refer to whether rebuys and/or add-ons are allowed, and if so, how they work. The latter two refer to how opponents are eliminated.

Sudden Sayonara Tournaments are not “freezeout” events, where they are played until there is one player left. Rather, they are played until a predetermined number of players are left, at which time the prize money is divided up according to the chip count at that time. In Shootout Tournaments, each starting table is played down to one person. All of these table winners then meet to determine the prize payout. Needless to say, each of these different formats require slightly different strategies if one is to play optimally.

The next three sections are on deals at the final table, stepping up to larger limit tournaments, and various other topics. This information is interesting, although much on the topic of final table deals was already discussed in Mason Malmuth’s Gambling Theory and Other Topics. The section on stepping up doesn’t contain much new, but I found the information on some of the other topics, like the pages on playing short handed which is critical in a tournament, to be quite good. I wish there had been more of it.

The last two sections, Tips for Tournament Managers and Questions and Answers, are interesting. I found the tips given to card rooms holding tournaments to be very well informed. I’d have no complaints with any card room adopting all of these Slot Gacor rules. However, this section didn’t improve my play at all. The Questions and Answers are one of my favorite parts of Two Plus Two books. This allows one to review the material to see how much of it has sunk in, and also allows fairly quick review of the material at a later date. Much of the Q&A; are repetative, though, which is a complaint I have with the book in general, but they are useful nonetheless.

The book isn’t very long, and when one considers that Two Plus Two’s printing style leaves a lot of white space on a lot of pages, and that much of what is in this book is repeated between sections, it gets shorter still. However, what information is there seems quite accurate to me, especially the information on correct rebuying strategy, a topic that no other tournament strategy book presents correctly.

Nonetheless, given its shortness, there’s obviously a lot of information on tournaments that hasn’t been presented here. For example, every tournament seems to use a slightly different rate of increasing the blind/ante structure. When I’m starting in a tournament I try to estimate, given the structure and the amount of time for each round, when the blinds are likely to get large compared to the size of the average stack. I’m not very good at this yet, and I doubt that many low level tournament players are. An in depth exploration of this topic could have provided another 40 pages of worthwhile information, at least.

Still, I did learn some things from this book, and the relative novice at low level tournament play will almost certainly get their money’s worth from it. At $19.95, we aren’t being gouged relative to Two Plus Two’s other offerings, although this is far from the best thing in their catalog. I do think there’s room yet for the definitive tournament poker book to be written yet. Finally, this book spends very little time covering poker play. If the reader is not interested in tournaments at all, there is no reason to read this book.


This is a fairly short book that will be of use to the inexperienced low level poker tournament player. The information it contains seems quite accurate, and there are a few good ideas within. While this may be the single best book on poker tournament strategy in print, there is still considerable headroom for a better one.



Translation Agencies UK

Software and Technology that have the Ability to Translate Multiple Languages can Help Communication in Global Companies Easier

It is important for global companies with branches from different countries to have a common site or application in which they can communicate with each other. This will help the productivity and increase the morale of the employees. Multilingual applications will give employees the capability to converse with their counterparts from other countries in a different language. This type of technologies will not only enhance communication but will also give corporations the ability to let their employees regardless of location collaborate in a certain project.


Igloo is a corporation that focuses in providing businesses with a technology that can give them the capability to let employees converse in multiple languages. Their new software is web-based and has Google translate embedded in it. According to, Igloo’s software will let employees, collaborate on certain projects, share and post their thoughts on a certain topic or project. Employees will have the option of selecting their native language in the software so they can understand the content and posts of users.More about Translation Agencies UK


How to Improve Quality of Translation Output


The quality of your translation output is very important especially if you are a business company that aims to go global. By having a quality translation output there is greater chance of getting foreign customers because they will have a better knowledge on the product that you are selling.


Here are several factors that can contribute in producing a quality translation output according to The first and most important is people. In choosing a company to translate your website or certain materials for you business, you must select one with capable personnel. Having professional personnel can not only improve the quality of the translation output it can also help you finish ahead of the deadline. Another important factor is the process. Look for a company with a proven that uses a proven process to produce quality translation output; do not select those that are using untested methods. Technology is also another important factor. Some companies can offer automated translation that might help your company.


Multiling Safe with Lyle Ball on Board announced that Lyle Ball will be on board as Multiling Chief Operating Officer. A native of Morgan, Utah, Ball is a veteran in managing high-tech companies. He has nearly 20 years of experience as consultant and executive positions in clean energy companies and high-tech companies. Before he was named Chief Operating Officer of Multiling, he was a consultant of the company on its market transfer to IP translations. Ball helped developed the partnership between Google, Yahoo, Paypal and Amazon with Bungee Labs where he previously worked as Vice President of marketing.


As a Chief Operating Officer of Multiling, Ball has a big responsibility to play. He has to handle more then 200 employees in the company’s offices in seven countries. He must also see to it that high standards in translations will be followed. The company has 1,000 top quality contractors that helps with the translations which Lyle Ball will also take charge.


Vegas Villa Casino – Review

Imagine yourself on a gondola floating down the scenic canals of ancient Venice, serenaded by the gondolier. He pulls up to a dock, and you step off to be greeted by your personal knave, who guides you into a magnificent building featuring the most splendid food and entertainment fit for the Devil himself.

If this were for real, he surely would have guided you into the online casino known as Vegas Villa.

46 tantalizing, exciting games await you at Vegas Villa. Powered by Microgaming, this casino features all of your favorite games, including my Achilles heel – Jacks or Better Power Poker, CashSplash, Fruit Fiesta, Lotsaloot, WOWPot, Treasure Nile Supajax progressives, four enjoyable bonus feature slot machines and of course the usual blackjack and roulette games amongst others.

Vegas Villa will give you $10 absolutely free just to try out their games – and with your initial deposit of up to $1000, they will give you an additional 30% bonus within one business day after you have wagered your deposit once through. Definitely one of the best deals on the Net – so off I went to download the software.

As is my usual wont, I went to play Jacks or Better Power Poker when I first entered the casino. You know how some people head straight to the tables or the sportsbook immediately after putting their bags in their room? Me, I head straight for the food… not. As much as I like food, I can just hear the Jacks or Better Power Unique Casino Poker calling out to me, “Here I am! Play me…”

… all the while, laughing its guts of gears and springs off and silently thinking to itself, “Sucker!” – for, whilst other players seem to have great success playing this game, I always – and I mean ALWAYS – seem to be making deposits into these machines. But these days, since I play for enjoyment and the thrill of a big win, leaving a small sum behind at Power Poker doesn’t bother me in the slightest, for one day I know I’ll be dealt a pat royal flush – and then I will be laughing VERY loud when I collect 4 x 4000 coins…

After tucking into the free virtual buffet, I was sated and heard the Treasure Nile progressives calling out to me, “Here I am! Play me…” – yeah, right. I’m not buying into that again… or so I thought…

Treasure Nile’s unique 9 line progressive slot game is taking the Net gambling world by storm. Starting at $20,000, this game has quickly become the favored progressive slot machine, with a few jackpots paying out at well over $300,000 to some really lucky winners.

Jackpots of more than $100,000 are not uncommon – in fact, if a jackpot hasn’t been hit in two days the value is usually well above that – yet Microgaming progressives seem to be hit on a regular basis – CashSplash seems to get hit about twice a day and frankly I cannot recall even once when I have seen any progressive jackpot hit on any of my frequent trips to Vegas.

If I were a regular progressive slots player, I wouldn’t even dream of flying to Vegas – the extra chances created by the money saved, along with the frequency of jackpot wins, makes playing online progressive slots a much more attractive option.

Anyhow, my online luck still seems to be lacking, for I didn’t manage to win at the Treasure Nile slots either. Why is it I hear of all these multiple jackpot winners, yet I can’t even hit a single one? Perhaps it has to do with the fact I play online only about once a month…

I decided to call it a day and go back to sample more of that sumptuous virtual buffet – but I bet most of you will opt to stay in the casino area.

Vegas Villa is a member of the Fortune Lounge group of casinos – one of the largest and most reliable groups on the Net. Payments and support are generally quite efficient here, and you always have the option of auditing your play and cash movements through Playcheck and Cashcheck respectively.

So put on “O Solo Mio”, build your own lavish buffet and traverse the canals to Vegas Villa. You might be lucky and get a glimpse of me finally winning a progressive jackpot – or perhaps even better, experience your own moment of glory.…


Tur Bonus

Menghasilkan uang dari perjudian di Internet bukanlah tugas yang sulit ketika Anda memiliki semua bahan yang Anda butuhkan tersedia di ujung jari Anda.

Saya telah menunjukkan kepada Anda bagaimana memilih kasino dengan bonus, ke mana harus mencari informasi tentang strategi, dan bagaimana fokus pada tugas yang ada.

Sekarang saatnya untuk menyatukan semua ini, ikuti tur bonus dan bangun uang Anda.

Perhentian pertama Anda pada tur bonus adalah Kasino Kapten Cook, sebuah operasi Microgaming yang menawarkan bonus $40 pada setoran pertama Anda dengan mereka.

Untuk membuka akun, klik di sini untuk membuka situs web Captain Cook dan mengunduh perangkat lunak. Ketika ini selesai, daftar akun uang nyata, lakukan deposit dan bonus Anda akan masuk ke akun Anda dalam beberapa jam.

Karena saya sudah membuat akun di sini, saya hanya akan menyetor $60 dan bermain di kasino seolah-olah saya adalah pemain baru.

Kapten Cook memungkinkan Anda memainkan permainan apa pun kecuali roulette dan dadu untuk tujuan kualifikasi bonus. Anda cukup bermain melalui seluruh jumlah setidaknya sekali (dalam kasus saya, $60) dan kemudian menguangkan apa pun yang tersisa.

Perhatikan bahwa Kapten Cook mengenakan Togel biaya $10 untuk cek dan $20 untuk transfer, tetapi jika Anda meminta wire express, mereka akan melakukan satu pembayaran wire kepada Anda pada hari Senin pertama setiap bulan tanpa biaya.

Jika Anda memiliki kartu Infinia, mereka juga dapat menyetorkan kemenangan Anda ke kartu Infinia tanpa biaya tambahan, jadi sebaiknya kunjungi Infinia dan ajukan permohonan kartu jika Anda belum memilikinya. Ini akan memakan waktu beberapa minggu untuk tiba sebelum Anda dapat mengaktifkan dan menggunakannya, jadi Anda mungkin ingin mendaftar sekarang dan menggunakan kartu di Captain Cook’s atau kasino Microgaming lainnya nanti dalam tur.

Di kasino Microgaming, selain roulette atau dadu, ada dua permainan yang menonjol di atas yang lain sejauh keuntungan rumah adalah blackjack dan video poker. Namun, untuk pemberhentian ini, saya lebih suka bermain blackjack.

Ingatlah untuk mengunjungi The Wizard of Odds untuk mendapatkan kartu strategi dasar Anda untuk blackjack Microgaming.

Pilih ukuran taruhan. Minimum untuk blackjack di Captain Cook’s adalah $2, jadi Anda harus bermain 30 tangan (dikurangi double-down atau split) untuk memenuhi syarat bonus Anda sepenuhnya. Ingat, semakin kecil taruhan Anda, semakin tinggi kemungkinan Anda dapat mempertahankan sebagian dari bonus itu.

Dalam permainan saya, saya mendapatkan total $60 setelah bermain 28 tangan dengan satu split dan satu double-down. Jadi meskipun saya mencapai titik impas pada keseluruhan permainan, saya sebenarnya mendapatkan $40 dari bonus – lumayan, keuntungan 200%.

Catat total kinerja Anda di setiap kasino, serta ringkasan untuk setiap kasino – di akhir tur, Anda akan melihat dengan jelas berapa banyak uang yang Anda hasilkan. Contoh lembar ringkasan mungkin terlihat seperti ini:

Nama Kasino Deposit Bonus Cashout Biaya Untung(rugi)

Kapten Cook 20 40 60 0 40

Anda mungkin ingin menambahkan satu kolom lagi ke tabel yang menunjukkan total berjalan, sehingga Anda tidak perlu menjumlahkan semua entri di kolom Untung(rugi) setiap kali Anda ingin memeriksa kemajuan Anda.

Semoga, Anda memulai dengan baik. Cobalah untuk TIDAK bermain lebih dari yang dibutuhkan untuk mendapatkan bonus untuk saat ini – tujuan Anda adalah membangun bankroll dan tidak harus melakukan pembunuhan besar sejak awal.

Setelah tur Anda didorong untuk kembali dan berjudi di kasino-kasino ini jika Anda menikmatinya – mereka semua jujur ​​dan bersemangat untuk bisnis Anda.



Crypto Gambling

Central Banks Are Considering The Use Of Cryptocurrencies Like Ethereum And Bitcoin in Crypto Gambling

The rise of cryptocurrency has been quite something to watch. A decade ago, the mere concept might have sounded a little bit too futuristic, but today, many use cryptocurrency on a regular basis, and perhaps even more than one type. The most notable option up to this point has been Bitcoin, which has great support the world over (as far as cryptocurrency goes), but catching up fast is Ethereum, which we’ve wrote about a few times in recent weeks (and even put to a performance test for transaction processing chores).


Because of how out-of-nowhere cryptocurrency hit us, it would be understandable if you considered it to be a fad, or something that might not last. At this point, though, it appears that cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere, and if that idea needs reinforcement, look no further than a few central banks that have been considering adopting it.


As Dartmouth College economics professor Andrew Levin says, “The central bank digital currency would be like a paper bill except digital”. That sounds simple, but it would represent a major shift in how we treat currency. For the regular Joe or Jill, it ultimately could mean that more of our money is actually ours.


Take for example credit card fees. You might not notice the fees being incurred, because they’re usually entirely in the domain of the retailer or etailer. American Express, for example, charges a healthy percentage of an order each time its card is swiped. That generally comes out of the retailer’s pockets. Multiply that by everyone using such cards (or competitors), and the amount of money even small businesses pay would be considered too high by most standards.


That’s where cryptocurrency is different. Everyone would be in control over their own money, and if there are costs incurred when making a purchase, they would likely pale in comparison to the fees we’re faced with today. Clearly, this is a very attractive outcome; everyone wants to keep more of their own money.


The current banks that are exploring Crypto Gambling include People’s Bank of China, Bank of England, as well as Vietnam’s central bank. Barclay’s CEO Ashok Vaswani has also opened discussions with regulators in the UK about the possibility of adopting it. Whether any of this means that cryptocurrency will in time go completely mainstream, it’s hard to say. But if you’re already using it, you’re probably very comfortable with that reality and things could only be looking up from here.




Rapid Roulette approved in Nevada

Stargames Limited (Stargames) announced today that its international distributor for electronic table gaming products, John Huxley (Casino Equipment Limited) London, UK, has received formal approval in writing from the Nevada Gaming Control Board to permit the installation of Stargames Rapid Roulette (TM) incasinos throughout Nevada, USA.

The approval follows a successful field trial of Rapid Roulette (TM)at MGM MIRAGE Inc’s New York – New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


John Huxley’s Chairman, Mr Jeffrey Lindsay, said “Rapid Roulette (TM)is the first dealer determined multi-player electronic table game approved anywhere in the USA. The Nevada approval will open up many opportunities for sales of this outstanding product which will increase table gaming revenues and increase profits for casino operators”.


The Managing Director of Stargames, Mr John Rouse, said “This is a defining moment in the history of Rapid Roulette (TM) following on from the product’s great success at Crown Casino. We are excited about the Nevada approval and we are now preparing plans to roll out the product in North America, as well as in other international markets”.


Pokies turnover hits $4.6bn


POKER machine turnover in South Australia has reached nearly three times the national average – up to $4.6 billion a year.


South Australians are spending $473 a head a year on gaming machines ($316 more than in 1994-95), compared with $68 (up $14) on lotteries and $70 (down $5) at the casino.

Total gambling turnover in SA has risen 10.65 per cent – to $6 billion – compared with a 3.83 per cent national increase where turnover reached $118 billion.


Poker machine turnover rose 12.6 per cent in the 2000-01 financial year compared with only 4.84 per cent nationally.


The figures are in the latest annual report of the Tasmanian Gaming Commission, which is regarded as the nation’s most comprehensive gambling report.


They reveal that SA gaming machine turnover has risen from $1.4 billion in 1994-95 to $4.6 billion in 2000-01.


Over the same period, total UFABet gaming turnover – which includes lotteries and the casino – has risen from $2.1 billion to $5.3 billion. The latest figures from the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner in SA show net gaming revenue – the amount lost on poker machines for the 2001-02 year – was $606 million, of which $394 million went to club and hotel owners and the SA Government received $212 million in gaming taxes. SA poker machine numbers were capped in December, 2000, and extended for a further two years by a vote in Parliament in May last year.


No Pokies MLC Nick Xenophon said the Government should now make a commitment to cap poker machine losses, not just numbers, following the release of the gambling statistics.


He said a cap on pokies numbers was only a first step in dealing with problems caused by gambling addiction.


“The statistics released by the Tasmanian commission do not tell the full story because in the last 12 months there were another 550 electronic locusts released into the community,” he said.





Just 7 weeks after a new manual, aimed specifically at professional horserace gamblers, was published by GFS International Corp., Las Vegas, NV, it sold out its first two editions. In line with company policy regarding legal betting information, sales vice-president Michael J. Andrews has announced that new sales will be stopped as of March 12, 2001.


The Manual, titled “Vegas Pro’s 3 Best-Ever Horseracing Angles”, was researched and written by the Las Vegas professional racehorse gambler who has authored 2 previous Manuals in GFS’s best-selling series “Making Money Enjoyably”.


Andrews said, “With materials that involve legal horserace betting, we have an obligation to purchasers to ensure that the sale of too many manuals does not dilute the pari-mutuel odds. Based on current sales we estimate that maximum-sales point will be reached within three weeks, and thus we’re announcing a moratorium on future sales effective March 12/01. Only orders received before then will be filled.”


Unlike previous books that were aimed at a general sports audience, this Manual was geared strictly to the professional player who earns most or all of his income from legal horserace gambling.


“This book was a departure for us,” said Wendell Holmes, Ligaz11 marketing vice-president. “Most of our Manuals are targeted at somewhat general audiences. But the author in this case convinced us that while the target group was relatively small it was an enthusiastic user of good, usable materials. So we followed his advice. And it certainly paid off. In just 3 weeks the first edition completely sold out and the 2nd edition is taking less than a month to reach our total sales objective.”


“Vegas Pro’s Best-Ever Angles”, edition 2001B, is available through March 11/01 from the GFS secure online order site at All major credit cards are accepted. Sales page info is available in 6 languages Toll-free phone orders can go to 1-800-903-4152 (Program #139132). Purchasers receive instant delivery of the Manual via e-mail.


Full details on the Manual are available at

Price of the Manual is $55. All shipping and handling costs are included in that price.


The Las Vegas Pro, who prefers anonymity for betting reasons, has been a professional horseplayer for 29 years. During that time he has consistently turned every $20 bet into an average $24 return, something only 4% of horseplayers manage to do. “And to make sure I bet the correct amounts, something many even pro horseplayers do not do, I use a personal variation of the proven Kelly Criterion scientific probability formula. It’s fairly easy to use, but priceless in its ability to show exactly how much a bettor should wager on each individual selection.”


The 3 Angles covered in the new Manual were culled from over 3,000 angles investigated and bet on by the Vegas Pro over his 29 year professional career. “They are the absolute best,” he said. “Each of them has a Return on Investment over 2.0, which simply means money bet is doubled.”


According to official thoroughbred industry statistics, 96% of horserace bettors lose money over the long haul. Some bettors win for short streaks but lose consistently over time.


GameHouse, Inc. Showcasing Their Products and Services at Internet World Spring 2001 in Los Angeles, March 14-16


SEATTLE, WA – March 5, 2001– GameHouse, Inc. announces today that it will be exhibiting at the Internet World 2001 Conference, “All Internet. All Business. All Week!”, being held at the Los Angeles convention center Wednesday March 14th through Friday March 16th. Visit GameHouse on the show floor, booth #6047, to see their latest technologies, products and services, which include:


  •    Turn Key Game Sites: Drive traffic and profits into your business with a complete game site powered by GameHouse. Easy to administer and packed with advanced features and tracking tools, a GameHouse Turnkey Game Site is designed from the ground up to ensure long-staying and repeat visitors.
  •    Online Contests: GameHouse contests are designed to be a stand-alone option that can integrate seamlessly into your web architecture, and are fully customizable to fit your company branding or site theme. Online contests can be an excellent, cost effective way to give your site that extra edge needed to improve your sales and raise brand awareness.
  •    Tournament Gaming: GameHouse tournaments combine the stickiness of a contest with back-end technology that allows you to gather valuable information about your visitors.
  •    Individual Game Licensing: All GameHouse games, from casino to sports, are available through flexible and innovative licensing programs you’ll find surprisingly affordable and competitive.
  •    Custom Game Development: The experienced game wizards at GameHouse will build a unique and highly effective game that will propel your brand ahead of the competition.


GameHouse is a team of award-winning designers and programmers committed to delivering a rich, interactive marketing experience through the use of highly customized and exciting entertainment-based products and services. Go see what they are all about at Go Play!