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Central Banks Are Considering The Use Of Cryptocurrencies Like Ethereum And Bitcoin in Crypto Gambling



The rise of cryptocurrency has been quite something to watch. A decade ago, the mere concept might have sounded a little bit too futuristic, but today, many use cryptocurrency on a regular basis, and perhaps even more than one type. The most notable option up to this point has been Bitcoin, which has great support the world over (as far as cryptocurrency goes), but catching up fast is Ethereum, which we’ve wrote about a few times in recent weeks (and even put to a performance test for transaction processing chores).


Because of how out-of-nowhere cryptocurrency hit us, it would be understandable if you considered it to be a fad, or something that might not last. At this point, though, it appears that cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere, and if that idea needs reinforcement, look no further than a few central banks that have been considering adopting it.


As Dartmouth College economics professor Andrew Levin says, “The central bank digital currency would be like a paper bill except digital”. That sounds simple, but it would represent a major shift in how we treat currency. For the regular Joe or Jill, it ultimately could mean that more of our money is actually ours.


Take for example credit card fees. You might not notice the fees being incurred, because they’re usually entirely in the domain of the retailer or etailer. American Express, for example, charges a healthy percentage of an order each time its card is swiped. That generally comes out of the retailer’s pockets. Multiply that by everyone using such cards (or competitors), and the amount of money even small businesses pay would be considered too high by most standards.


That’s where cryptocurrency is different. Everyone would be in control over their own money, and if there are costs incurred when making a purchase, they would likely pale in comparison to the fees we’re faced with today. Clearly, this is a very attractive outcome; everyone wants to keep more of their own money.


The current banks that are exploring Crypto Gambling include People’s Bank of China, Bank of England, as well as Vietnam’s central bank. Barclay’s CEO Ashok Vaswani has also opened discussions with regulators in the UK about the possibility of adopting it. Whether any of this means that cryptocurrency will in time go completely mainstream, it’s hard to say. But if you’re already using it, you’re probably very comfortable with that reality and things could only be looking up from here.



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Arti Over Under dalam Bandarqq Taruhan Bola



Arti Over Under dalam Taruhan Bola | Permainan sepak bola merupakan olahraga yang dikenal dengan penggemar yang begitu banyaknya bahkan beberapa bisa dikatakan penggemar fanatik. Tidak terlepas dari kecintaan pada permainan ini, beberapa pihak melihat adanya peluang dibidang ini termasuk dalam hal mencari peruntungan taruhan bola yang sekarang sudah mewabah di berbagai lapisan masyarakat.


Agen Bola Sbobet Terbaik


Dewasa ini, Taruhan Bola Online tidak terasa asing lagi terdengar dan tentunya setiap orang yang mengikuti aktifitas ini tidak luput dari yang namanya Taruhan Over dan Under. Sebagian dari mereka mengakui bahwa di jenis taruhan ini memberikan banyak keuntungan yang cukup besar. Cara bermainnya juga sangat gampang, karena hanya cukup memilih tim mana yang akan menang dalam suatu pertandingan yang di gelar.


Meskipun permainan taruhan Judi Bola ini sudah sangat mendunia, masih terdapat banyak sekali dari mereka yang belum mengerti metode yang digunakan. Banyak juga dari mereka yang hanya menganggap bahwa taruhan bola hanyalah sebuah jenis perjudian yang sangat simple dan hanya menebak Skor yang akan terjadi pada pertandingan.


Bagi anda yang ingin mengenal lebih jauh Bandarqq mengenai taruhan over dan under ini, akan dijelaskan lebih rinci mengenai pengertian dan cara mainnya. Mari simak bersama.


Arti Over Under

Arti Over Under dalam Taruhan Bola


Arti Over Under di dalam dunia Judi Bola adalah mencari pemenang dengan cara menghitung jumlah gol yang di ciptakan oleh tim yang di pilih di dalam suatu pertandingan. Baik itu di pertandingan pada babak pertama atau babak kedua atau Full Time.


Cara bermainnya sangat mudah karena si pemain hanya perlu untuk menebak jumlah gol yang akan tercipta dalam pertandingan di bawah pasaran atau di atas pasaran yang tersedia. Hal ini selain tentu saja memperhitungkan segala kemungkinan yang ada, sebagai peserta Judi Bola Online anda juga dituntut untuk dapat memaksimalkan insting yang anda miliki. Karena sekali lagi, permaianan taruhan bola online ini salahs satunya tetap menggunakan peruntungan dalam setiap gerak-geriknya.


Cara menghitung Over Under

Cara Menang Judi Bola Over Under


Hal yang agak susah dimengerti apalagi jika anda baru belajar mengenal dan bermain sebagai pemula yang baru saja mencoba peruntungan di dunia taruhan bola online, adalah ketika menebak pasaran yang memiliki peluang tinggi keluar yang biasanya terdapat pada jenis taruhan bola online di Handicap Over dan Under. Untuk dapat memenangkan taruhan, sebagai peserta permainan, kita harus bisa memprediksikan hasil akhir dengan menebak skor dan taruhan over under tersebut.


Adapun contoh perhtiungan arti over under yang biasanya muncul di beberapa kondisi permainan dan juga pemasangan taruhan judi bole online ini diataranya sebagai berikut


5-1 (3/4 bola)

Menang Over : Jika dalam pertandingan berakhir dengan 2 Gol atau lebih dari 2 Gol

Menang Setengah Over : Jika dalam pertandingan berakhir hanya 1 buah Gol yang tercipta

Menang Under : Jika dalam pertandingan tidak membuahkan Gol

50-2 (1 3/4 bola)

Menang Over : Jika dalam pertandingan berakhir dengan 3 Gol atau lebih dari 3

Menang Setengah Over : Jika dalam pertandingan berakhir dengan 2 Gol

Menang Under : Hanya terjadi 1 Gol di pertandingan tersebut

0 (2 bola)

Menang Over : Pada saat di pertandingan mencapai 3 Gol atau lebih dari 3 Gol

Seri : Di saat pertandingan hanya bermain imbang contohnya 0-0 , 1-1 , 2-2

Menang Under : Jika dalam pertandingan hanya mampu menciptakan 1 buah Gol

Seiring berkembangannya Teknologi dan Informasi serta dibarengi dengan koneksi internet yang melimpah ruah, kini gadget bisa dijadikan sebagai fasilitas untuk dapat mencoba keberanian dan peruntungan dalam dunia judi bola online ini.


Katakanlah smartphone yang tidak bisa ketinggalan setiap harinya, gadget lain seperti phablet, netbook, iPad, bahkan warnet yang sekarang sudah semakin sedikit pengelolanya bisa dimanfaatkan mengikuti permainan ini kapanpun dimanapun. Dengan kepraktisan seperti ini, peluang untuk anda mulai menggeluti dunia taruhan ini semakin besar dan terbuka lebar. Apakah artikel ini dapat membantu? Semoga bermanfaat ya. Terima Kasih.


 poker online

Judi Togel Semakin Diminati Di Kalangan Masyarakat



Judi Casino Royale yang akan menyajikan berita tentang judi togel semakin diminati di kalangan masyarakat. Jangan salah, permainan judi memang dilarang di Negara kita. Tapi kita lihat di Negara yang maju sekalipun pasti banyak yang menjadikan ini salah satu bisnis yang perputaran uangnya sangat luar biasa. Oleh karena itu banyak sekali orang yang memainkan permainan judi apalagi saat ini sudah ada jenis permainan judi yang dilakukan secara online. Semakin mudah bukan dalam memainkannya. Tidak perlu keluar rumah tapi kita aman jika ingin bermain judi. Judi taruhan, judi casino, judi kartu, judi tangkas merupakan salah satu jenis permainan yang ditawarkan di judi online. Ada juga permainan judi angka atau biasa disebut judi togel. Permainan ini merupakan permainan yang banyak digemari oleh para orang yang sudah dewasa atau sudah tua.


Jumlah pendapatan dari judi togel sangatlah besar karena judi togel merupakan judi yang mengandalkan keberuntungan dan jika saat itu anda memiliki hoki untuk memasang taruhan maka cobalah untuk bertaruh memasang angka yang anda miliki.Jika sebelumnya judi togel poker online  dilakukan secara manual atau dengan tulisan tangan yang direkap dalam bentuk kupon yang kita diberi kupon yang sudah ada tulisan nomor yang kita pasang.


Selanjutnya dengan perkembangan jaman praktek togel dilakukan dengan via sms dan hal ini juga masih terendus oleh pihak yang berwajib.Dan untuk yang terakhir judi togel dilakukan dengan permainan togel online malalui internet atau lewat online dan cara ini mungkin yang paling praktis untuk digunakan sebagai ajang taruhan togel anda saat ini dan memberikan kesempatan yang besar bagi anda untuk melakukan taruhan togel.


Pasang Taruhan di Bandar Judi Bola Online


Judi Casino Royale mengulas mengenai Pasang Taruhan di Bandar Judi Bola Online. Memiliki pengetahuan mengenai sepak bola memang akan bisa memberikan peluang bagi anda. anda juga tak akan sia – sia jika anda mau memanfaatkan infor atau pengatahuan akan sepak bola ini. nah saat ini banyak sekali kompetisi sepak bola yang bermunculan. Ini juga kan bisa memberikan anda keberuntunagn uang pun bisa di dapat contihnya jika memang anda mau melakukan kegiatan bisnis dengan pengethuan sepak bola anda.


bisnis ini ialah melakukan pasang taruhan di damalm badar judi. Melakukan kegiatan pasang bola atau taruhan lakukanlah di dalam agen judi yang merupakan agen – agen judi yang berpengalaman. Nah kali ini akan membahas mengenai keinginan anda untuk melakukan judi, awal yang harus anda lakukan ialah mendaftar di dalams ebuah agen judi kemudian anda di wajibkan untuk melakukan pasang modal dan modal yang di gunakan ini ialah untuk anda jika ingin melakukan pasang taruhan anda sudah memiliki modal untuk measang uang taruhan.


Bandar judi online yang ada di dalam internet ini memang akan memberikan anda fasilitas jika anda ingin melakukan kegiatan judi online. Anda juga bisa lebih mana jika melakukan kegiatan judi di dalam agen judi bola online di dalam internet ini. banyak masayrakat yang sudah sering kali melakukan kegiatan judi online ini di dalam agen judi. Mereka yang sidah pernah melakukan kegiatan judi ini banyak yang sudah merasakan mengenai kuntungan yang di dapat.


qiu qiu online

Judi Bola, Bagaimana Mengaturnya?



Judi bola adalah konsekuensi logis dari hangar binger dan kepopuleran sepak bola saat ini bahkan sejak dulu judi ini juga sudah ada. Hal ini terjadi karena unsur-unsur dari sepak bola sendiri memungkinkan orang untuk mempertaruhkannya demi sejumlah uang. Pertama kita bisa melihat bahwa hasil akhir atau skor bisa dijadikan bahan taruhan yang efektif. Pemenang pertandingan sepak bola juga bisa menjadi bahan judi yang mengasyikkan. Oleh karena itu judi bola adalah konsekuensi yang logis dari perkembangan sepak bola itu sendiri meskipun kadang di Negara-negara tertentu, secara hukum dan norma hal ini dilarang. Kita bisa melihatnya di berita-berita yang ada di sekitar kita.


Judi bola online


Perkembangan Internet ternyata juga memberi warna tersendiri dalam perkembangan perjudian yang terjadi di sepak bola. Ini berarti bahwa semakin terbuka kesempatan bagi orang-orang untuk berjudi secara aman karena judi bola secara online memungkinkan orang untuk berjudi secara tertutup atau tiidak tampak dari luarnya. Yang perlu dilakukan hanya membuka laptop atau komputer yang terkoneksi Internet. Meskipun demikian tidak semua agen judi online yang memberikan penawaran terbaik. Dengan kata lain, Anda harus selektif dan pintar-pintar memilih agen judi bola online yang terpercaya dan memberikan pelayanan terbaik. Untuk mendapatkan nama-nama agen terbaik Anda bisa browsing di Internet. Ada banayak forum yang mengulas tentang bandar-bandar judi tersebut. Bereikut adalah beberapa agen judi bola yang bisa Anda pertimbangkan:



Taruhan Bola Online

Agen Bola



Judi Bola


Casino Online



And many more

Dalam mengikuti judi bola online Anda harus mempunyai account di sana. Dengan demikian jika Anda ingin ikut melakukan judi bola Anda hanya perlu masuk ke account Anda. Biasanya ada berbagai jenis perjudian yang disediakan di situs web perjudian online tersebut seperti, game interaktif casino dan taruhan bola serta mickey mouse online game qiu qiu online . Gambaran di atas menunjukkan bahwa judi online ternyata tidak terlalu rumit.


Judi bola: Pintar-pintar memilih agen


Jika Anda benar-benar ingin bergabung atau sekadar mencoba perjudian bola online, sebaiknya Anda harus benear-benar siap dengan dinamaika yang ada di sini. Hal ini perlu untuk menghindarkan Anda dari segala bentuk penipuan dalam perjudian. Anda harus benar-benar yakin bahwa agen judi bola Anda terpercaya dan memiliki reputasi yang baik. Mencari informasi dan berita mengenai agen yang akan Anda pilih adalah langkah yang bagus. Internet bisa menjadi sumber penyelidikan Anda karena di sinilah banyak informasi yang bisa diandalkan. Jadi Anda harus melakukan penyelidikan atas agen tersebut untuk membuat Anda benar-benar yakin bahwa agen pilihan Anda adalah yang terbaik.


Judi bola: Sebuah investasi?


Bila Anda berpikiran bahwa judi adalah sebuah investasi, itu adalah sebuah kesalahan. Kalau kita berpikiran bahwa kita akan menang kita memang akan mendapatkan uang dalam jumlah yang lumayan banyak tergantung pada jumlah uang yang kita pertaruhkan, akan tetapi judi tetaplah judi. Tidak ada lepastian di sana. Anda harus berpikir cerdas dalam hal ini. Jika Anda melakukannya demi sebuah iseng yang berhadiah, ini tidak akan masalah. Namun jika Anda melakukannya dan berharap banyak, itu adalah sebuah kesalahan. Nikmati sepak bola sebagai sebuah pertunjukan yang menghibur dan nikmati judi bola hanya sebagai suatu kesenangan yang tidak berlebihan.





casino en ligne francais

West Coast casino en ligne francais Poker Rooms




This is another in a series of reviews of the sleeping accommodations of parking lots of casinos throughout our nation’s western states. It is directed towards those amongst the cardplaying community who, like the author, are adventurous and poor. However, in the interest of incorporating a wider audience, I’ll also include some description of the casino itself and maybe some amusing anecdotes. Why not.


Yuma, Az. Paradise Casino


I have to congratulate myself on some productive internet research. Before leaving San Diego for my favorite aunt’s house in southeastern Arizona, I dug up an article on (shameless plug) entitled “ARIZONA POKER: A mecca for the poker connoisseur.” Perfect, considering I play poker and that I was headed to Arizona.


As it turns out, one of the casinos mentioned in the article is Paradise Casino in Yuma, AZ. Well, Yuma hadn’t seemed so attractive since it ended its reign as the spring training site for the San Diego Padres (clearly the darkest day in the town’s history). This little piece of heaven in the middle of North America’s most arid expanse would definitely have to be my first stop.


I left San Diego at around 7:30 pm, intending to get some miles under my belt at night while it was nice and cool. I figured that my ’86 Ford with the broken thermostat would thank me for it. When I finally hit the desert floor and it was still well into the nineties, I really felt smart.


It was no less balmy when I crossed the Colorado River three hours later. The exit for Paradise Casino was clearly marked and after winding my way up a short road, I was there. A bright little oasis of neon and whitewashed walls nestled in a little valley just off the highway. Yuma at 11:30 pm on a Tuesday: paradise. I tried to park my truck – at this point overflowing with camping gear, clothes, and food – under a streetlight and strolled in.


I already had a plan. After locating the casino en ligne francais poker room (incidentally, there appeared to be two poker rooms – one on the “Arizona” side of the casino and another on the “California” side – but I didn’t take the time to inquire further about the other room or the way in which the casino was split), I found a nearby blackjack table and approached.


“Fifty in red, please.”




Then I walked away.


I intended to work a little tourist routine for the next few hours. You know what you think when you see some kid approaching the poker table with a stack of $5 chips: fresh meat. Let the locals try to sink their claws into the poker machine that is Mr. B!


Well, my plan was foiled on two fronts. First, the poker podium refused to exchange my red chips for a rack of ones. No problem; they could decorate the table for awhile. Second, and probably more importantly, they weren’t spreading any games at which I was any good (not hard considering I only play hold ’em). So it’s $3-6 Omaha high-low or nothing? I had to ponder this one.


I sat there for ten minutes or so, clicking my ‘blackjack winnings.’ On one hand, I’d played very little Omaha-eight. But, on the other hand, I **** at the games I do know well.


As I weighed the pros and cons, a kindly dealer walked up just then and began to explain the intricacies of the game. I begin to lay it on. Yes, I’ve played before (a little defensive). Omaha? Never. There’s a low (confused, yet interested)? How does that work (innocently curious)? Ramon is perfectly willing to assist.


With my image as a novice firmly established, I figured I had at least one advantage. Besides, did I really intend to go to sleep right now?


I grab a seat and go through a few hands. I finally pick up an A-2-K-Q double suited red, which I understand is a decent enough hand. I limp along and it’s raised behind me. Five players see the flop.


It comes A-Q high, and has also provided me with a draw to the nut diamond flush. Can’t go wrong, I think. A diamond on the turn. I’m already stacking the chips in my mind as its checked to me on the turn. I bet. This should be a decent haul. Sixty, maybe more in the pot right now…Huh. Board paired there on the river. Let me look again. Yep. A three on the flop and another there on the river. I check and, lucky for me, someone else bets behind me. I give what even I know is only a crying call. Turns out the preflop raiser didn’t have nothing, as I’d presumed. She flopped three aces and filled up on the river. Nice. I guess you can’t fake beginner’s luck.


After another hour and a half of play, I’ve caught very little. My dwindling stack is making me feel more and more like the tourist I’ve been emulating. Finally, fourhanded with $16 left, I pull up stakes and break the game.

It’s good to be on the road.


Sleeping accommodations: I wasn’t sure how kindly security would take to my presence, so I chose the less conspicuous confines of the truck cab as opposed to the camper (really just a shell with a makeshift bed). A word to the wise: vinyl seats and hundred-degree heat equate to lots of sweating and little sleep. Throw in the paranoia of getting caught (there was an RV park next door, so I wouldn’t have been moved far) and I probably didn’t find dreamland until three.





Online Betting

PartyGaming announce the launch of Online Betting



GIBRALTAR, June 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — PartyGaming Plc, operators of, The World’s Largest Poker Room(TM), today announces the launch of its new backgammon product, Known as “the game of kings” and requiring skills of timing and calculation, backgammon is one of the world’s most popular games and one of its oldest, with variants dating back more than 5,000 years. PartyGaming has now brought this history to the modern world of the internet, enabling new and existing customers to play backgammon, poker and casino all from a single PartyAccount.


“The launch of backgammon, a truly international game of skill, is a natural evolutionary step in our strategy to become the global gaming portal of choice,” said Mitch Garber, CEO of PartyGaming. “We are very pleased to add it to our portfolio of games.” offers games to play for free or for cash for a variety of gammon versions, including Hypergammon and Nackgammon. As with all the products in the PartyGaming portfolio, customers can access PartyGaming’s 24/7 customer support for any questions about getting started or using the product. features cutting edge technology and was developed entirely in-house.


New York State Lottery approved license to operate 750 video gaming machines at Tioga Downs Raceway


Nevada Gold & Casinos, Online Betting Inc. today announced that the New York State Lottery has approved a license to operate 750 video gaming machines at Tioga Downs Raceway. The June 28, 2006 opening of the new 19,000 square foot gaming facility represents the final step of Tioga Downs. Earlier this month, Tioga Downs celebrated the opening of a new 90,000 square foot grandstand, bringing restaurants, lounges, arcades, entertainment, retail, live racing and simulcasting to the Binghamton and surrounding areas.


John Arnesen, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc., commented, “The gaming facility is one of the key components of Tioga Downs, and we are very happy to mark the completion of this process with such a compelling entertainment offering. Since Tioga Downs’ opening weekend we have seen attendance exceed our expectations, and we believe that the opening of our gaming facility will further enhance the appeal of this premier entertainment destination.’’


Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc., through its subsidiary Nevada Gold NY, Inc., owns a 40% membership interest in American Racing and Entertainment, LLC. American Racing owns 100% of Tioga Downs Racetrack, LLC, which owns the Tioga Downs Racetrack in Nichols, New York.


Free Sports Picks

UltimateBet’s Annie Duke Freeroll and Free Sports Picks

Players wanting to square off against an elite pro but not pony up a huge tournament entry fee now have a chance to put their skills to the test against 2004 World Series of Poker bracelet winner Annie Duke. By sitting at a specially designated Holdem table at online poker site Ultimate Bet, players can earn points for use in the site’s monthly “Annie Duke Freeroll” event.

The prize pool for the event is $1,000, which comes directly from Duke’s “hard-earned cash,” according to The maximum number of entries is 400 and the winner nets $300. The site’s promotional materials state that “you’ll find Annie attending this freeroll event occasionally both to chat with and challenge the players.”

To qualify for the tournament, players must earn 300 UltimatePoints during a month of play at the site’s Annie Duke $4-$8 Texas Holdem table. Points are earned for each hour of play and each hand dealt, with the point amount tied to the amount of the rake. Details are available at

Duke defeated a field of 234 players at last year’s World Series of Poker $2,000 buy-in Omaha Hi-Lo tournament and later beat eight other top pros to take home the $2 million first prize at the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions. She contributes strategy articles and partakes in promotions as a member of “Team UB”.


2005 seems already certain to be the saturation point for poker programming on television. In the coming year, at least one gaming cable network will launch, and the plethora of tournament poker, and specialty poker shows will continue. ESPN will again expand on its already extensive coverage of the WSOP, and the World Poker Tour, (and the new Professional Poker Tour), and Celebrity Poker show no signs of slowing down in terms of ratings, or interest.

Still, one must wonder how much is TOO much in terms of poker on TV. The production values of some of the televised poker these days is bordering on insulting, and it seems only a matter of time before the good separates itself from the bad. At some point, people will begin to distinguish between watching tournaments with the stars of the game in them, and watching 6 random players go at each other. Any form of entertainment places high value on its “stars”, and one of the ways those stars are made is through repeated exposure. It seems that much like the world of online poker (see below), in 2005 we will see the streamlining of the offerings of poker on television, and well thought out, sufficiently budgeted programming will continue to thrive, while some of the lower budgeted programming may fall away. In the end, I think maintaining a certain quality level for TV poker programming will bode the best for the long-term health of poker as a TV option.

Predictions for 2005 – poker on TV

Steve Lipscomb will make more money than you or I (and many others) combined.

Some TV type will be the first to use a 4-color deck in a televised tournament. Purists in card rooms across the land will riot (or at least grumble).

Celebrity Poker will NOT replace a host.

The first television poker “league” will form, and play to mixed results.

I will make a television final table (maybe that should be under ‘dream’, and not prediction).

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Casino Extra Gambling In Las Vegas



The two letter noun that completely defines gambling is LAS VEGAS. It has become the dream destination of all gamblers and holiday seekers. The one place you can drain all the tension and if unlucky all the money is VEGAS. Set in the midst of the desert it makes an oasis worth reckoning. Offering free drinks and luxurious ambiances the casinos of Las Vegas are nothing short of wonderland. It’s so easy for a person to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the busy streets or overcrowded casino tables. One must be care full while in Vegas as you may loose more then you plan to earn.


The Casino Extra gambling sees no rich or poor. All you need is the willingness to spend the money you have, the daring to go for the risky bets and you never know you can be the crowned king of gambling. This is the philosophy of the gambling paradise on earth. The casinos are full of games to bet on. There are sophisticated games with latest technology and there can also be the most famous card games to play. For example, despite all the advances games like blackjack and poker remain most played.


Although the whole city and places around it are mushroomed with casinos and entertainment centers but some places are better then others. And the best Las Vegas has to offer can be found on the Fremont street. It has been the street where you can find the most advertised items that Las Vegas has. The El Cortez, the Horseshoe etc. are the major places to go and try luck. Gambling majors like Steve Wynn have brought about a completely fantastic arena for the gamblers by the name of Golden Nugget. It has an excellent accommodation and luxurious settings for the gambling lovers.


Casino Extra Gambling is not the exclusive domain of the rich and spendthrift. With the increasing numbers of non-gambling tourist making it to Vegas every year, it has become imperative for the city to have places that offer cheap and dilettante gambling. you can make it to the Klondike, one of the most inexpensive casinos, then you can fulfill your dream of sitting on an poker table and yet not be robbed of. Most non-gambling tourists look for such places.


You may also decide to come out of Vegas with riches in both hands. This requires a lot of skill and time to spend. One has to survey the prospects and identify the one where the odds to win are the best and then intelligently with some prior knowledge bet on it. All the time one is betting, temperament is one thing you can’t loose. You have to be cool and play on. Keeping in mid what you have with you and what are you willing to loose. There is no point wonder what went wrong in the last bet that you even lost your shirt in it. The only advise for new visitors is that, in a place that offers free drinks for a person betting any thing over 25 cents, better safe then sorry.




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Introducing a Casino Cbet Poker Step Back



Greetings, My name is Brett Bumeter and I am a new writer here at The Poker Blog. I have been playing cards and poker for much of my life. I also cover several other topics as a writer from Finance, International Tax, Web Marketing, MindMapping, and Comedy.


Over the course of the next weeks and months I will start by walking through the fundamentals of the poker games that I enjoy the most, starting with Texas Hold’em. For some readers of this blog, this will be a review in fundamentals, for which many of the higher level articles written here will be of more interest.


For our rapidly growing readership many of these fundamentals will help new players grow and develop. This is good for all players as the growth of the poker playing community helps all of us grow and enjoy a much more satisfying game of play.


Initially, I will cover many of the basic terms in Texas Hold ‘em

Here are some of the terms that I will be covering not only from a definition, but also with examples and extra discussion about how they can be used in the play of the game:


Betting Structures

Blinds and Antes

Burn Cards

Turn Cards

The Flop

The River


Split Pots

The Five Card Hand


Casino Cbet

Along the way if you encounter any terms that you would like us to cover or even research, please drop us a comment and we will tackle it as best we can, quickly and efficiently.


Web Wallet Choices



The time has come. You are ready to deposit some cash into a poker room. Not sure which one of the eWallets is best for you? We have gone through all the available options and picked 5 of those that we feel are the best. Be aware that not every online poker room or online casino has all of these options available but you are sure to find one that you can use. The top ten benefits of using an Internet wallet are:


  1. You no longer have to wait for checks to arrive and clear.
  2. You no longer need to wait for ACHs to clear.
  3. You can sign up for free!
  4. Access to your money within 24 hours of its being processed.
  5. Wallets with ATM cards allow you to use up to 900,000 ATMS worldwide.
  6. If you wall has an ATM card, you can use it at any supported point-of-sale in the world.
  7. You can use your wallet at any supported online merchant.
  8. You can draw online statements with a wallet provider.
  9. You can send and receive money online.
  10. Some wallets allow you to fund and withdraw for free.



Our Top Five Casino Cbet Wallet Choices are:









These are not the only options when it comes to funding your accounts. Please note that this is for informational purposes only and if gambling is prohibited where you are, then you can not use this information.